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The term 'paradigm' designates a set of beliefs and concepts that shape a discipline. Serenity Audio is proud to present the Paradigm family, a new standard for home Audio.
A Paradigm system typically consists of two Empyrean snails accompanied by the Opulence basshorn, throning majestically over every room.

Empyrean, the satellite

From the ancient Greek "empyrios" meaning "in or of the fire", Empyrean is of the highest celestial realm.
Empyrean was not designed, it is discovered. The geometry flows directly from laws of physics: an optimally parameterized nautilus housing to absorb the rear facing sound, combined with the perfect, biaxial, tri-channel horn.
Empyrean further features additional virtual volume by means of nanotechnology, along with an infinity loop at its center.

Opulence, the basshorn

Opulence embodies the crown jewel of bass reproduction. Unlike any other system, Serenity audio employs no resonator for the reproduction of low frequencies. The result is a majestic central element in the room.
A dry, linear and immediate bass response like no other is heard and felt all the way down to subsonic frequencies, poshing glorious chills down your spine.

Seraphim, the sub

While no Helmholtz resonator can approach the performance of Opulence, we want to offer a less voluptuous solution for your musical journey.
That is why we developed Seraphim, a powerful device for bass generation. Seraphim is built to the highest standards of the scientific literature and, like Opulence, can be placed anywhere in the listening room.


Paradigm is an astounding system that thrones over any listening room. We recommend a minimum of 50 m² for the listening room.

Width: 56 cm
Height: 159 cm
Depth: 87 cm
Width: 326 cm
Height: 155 cm
Depth: 134 cm
Width: 69 cm
Height: 146 cm
Depth: 66 cm

Choose your style

We can provide virtually an finish - Paradigm is styled according to your individual desires.

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