An adaptation for those who desire a more subtle presence. The basshorn is mounted on the ceiling, thus no furniture space is sacrificed.
The Covenant Nautilus combines the best mid and high drivers in the world to create a coherent, phase linear wavefront. This is achieved by means of the precisely optimized bilinear, triaxial horn.

Luxury Spa & Wellness Resort, Gstaad, Switzerland.

Winter Chalet with view of Zermatt, Switzerland.

Villa with view of the Hintersee, Ramsau, Switzerland.

The Snail

Somewhat smaller dimensioned than its bigger brother Covenant, the Paradigm snail features the similar exponential parametrization. Further more,the strong eccentricity of the flaring is linearly shaped into a circular tubing at the center.


The Covenant basshorn is the perfect compromise between a more compact household and the best Sound Serenity Audio can deliver. However its smaller size will not permit full linear sound response all the way down to the inaudible 20 Hz and below. Most people find their audible threshold for low frequencies around 40 Hz, and that is the Covenant basshorn cut off.

Drivers & Triaxial horn

To circumvent the small market for point sources, the Covenant snail is furnished with the best mid-range woofers and the highest fidelity air motion transformers (AMT) known to the Serenity team. The woofers from the Danish Scan Speak and the AMTs from Beyma are positioned exceptionally close to one another to approximate a point source. The different frequency ranges are recombined into a coherent, phase linear wave front by means of the patent pending bi-axial, tri-channel horn.


Covenant is designed to fit in most households, providing an eternal warm presence in theroom.

Width: 80.4 cm
Height: 116.4 cm
Diameter: 59 cm
Width: 257.4 cm
Height: 123.6 cm
Diameter: 88 cm

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